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Police Chase Comes to Sudden End After Suspect’s Vehicle Runs Him Over (Video)


A police chase came to an abrupt end early Sunday morning after the suspect was literally brought down by his own getaway vehicle.

According to police in Pasco, WA, an officer responded to reports of a loud crash in a neighborhood and discovered a heavily damaged Toyota Camry attempting to drive away from the scene.  The officer said he began a pursuit after the driver failed to stop in an attempt to flee.

The suspect’s vehicle already had a flat tire when the pursuant began and officers said it basically disintegrated the longer the chase went on.  Unable to maintain control of the vehicle, the suspect attempted to abandon the car and flee on foot.

Dash cam video taken from a pursuing officer’s cruiser shows what happened next:

The suspect seems to have forgotten to put the car in park before exiting the vehicle. To make matters worse, the suspect’s jacket appears to have snagged on the door of the vehicle, causing him to trip and be pulled under the front end of his own vehicle.

Police say the suspect was dragged about a car length before officers were able to pull him out from underneath the vehicle.

The suspect, identified as Brandon E. Arrieta, escaped the incident without serious injury and was booked in the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for eluding and possible vehicle theft.  Police say he may also face misdemeanor charges of hit and run.

[image via Pasco Police]

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