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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants to See Change to Electoral College


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known for saying some unfiltered things lately, spoke before a packed  house near Stanford University on Monday and once again, made some surprising remarks.  This time she joined a growing chorus of others who want to see the Electoral College replaced.

As CBS News reports the 83-year-old Justice Ginsburg was sort of at it again last night, speaking on topics from the lack of bipartisanship in Washington, D.C., to the Electoral College to what makes a “meaningful life.”

“You will do something outside yourself, something to repair tears in your community, something to make a little better for people less fortunate,” Ginsburg said, in response to that question.

However, she seems to have learned some lessons about saying everything on her mind after some major flaps last year about Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick.  While those remarks covered very different issues, she said things critical about both men and had to apologize later.

In that sense, Ginsberg ducked questions about recent Trump SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch and also declined to speak about Trump’s controversial executive orders — some of which may ultimately make it to the nation’s highest court.

Nonetheless, Ginsberg was unable to fully avoid making news.

In response to a question from a student about what she would like to see changed in D.C., she replied, “One is the Electoral College.” And the place erupted in cheers, making it almost impossible for Ginsburg to continue her answer further.

She then concluded by saying she “wished she could wave a magic wand” back to a time off less partisanship and more respect among the people and when Congress “was working for the good of the country.”

Ginsberg’s age and past health battles have led some liberal groups to worry about what may happen if she has to resign her lifetime appointment to the bench during Trump’s term.

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