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Insane Road Rage Incident Between Two Women Captured on Video


An apparent argument between two women over a parking spot in Los Angeles led to an all out brawl and the use of vehicles as weapons.KABC in LA obtained several videos of the incident and what went down is absolutely insane.


The beginning of the video appears to show several women throwing punches and kicking while at least one woman seems to be on the ground.After the women are separated, one woman hopped in her white SUV and suddenly begins crashing into the other woman’s vehicle.  The woman in the white SUV seems to repeatedly smash into the other woman’s silver SUV, nearly tearing off a door at one point.

All of the commotion seems to have attracted a lot of attention.  As if on cue, an additional camera began filming from an elevated position above the parking lot just before another major collision between the two vehicles. To cap off the crazy event, the woman in the white SUV plowed over a fire hydrant as she fled the scene, sending a geyser of water spraying into the air.

Local reports say the Los Angeles Police Department has not received a report from either party involved in the incident as of Tuesday afternoon.

[image via screengrab]

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