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‘This is Wrong!’: Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams Battle it Out Over Whether OJ Will Go Free


Thursday is the big day for O.J. Simpson. The former football star who has been in prison for the last nine years for an armed robbery is up for parole and could be granted his release, should the parole board decide he deserves it. Simpson has been a model inmate during his time at Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada, and he was already granted parole on several charges. This leads many people, including founder Dan Abrams, to believe that Simpson could very well gain his freedom. Nancy Grace, on the other hand, feels otherwise, and the two duked it out on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

The main point of contention between Abrams and Grace is just how big a factor the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman will be in the board’s decision. Grace pointed out that while Simpson was acquitted of the murders after a criminal trial, a jury in a civil trial did hold him liable for the deaths. “Am I the only one who remembers that ’97 jury who said he did commit double murder?!” That decision, Grace said, could be considered by the parole board in determining whether Simpson should go free.

Abrams said there are many factors that the board will consider in making their decision, but that the 1997 decision doesn’t qualify. “I read through the 11 factors that they can consider, I didn’t see civil lawsuits as being one of them,” Abrams said. “I just don’t think that they can consider what a civil jury did.” Grace insisted that the board can take into account “aggravating circumstances,” and that being found liable of two deaths qualifies.

“When something feels wrong, it is wrong, and this is wrong,” Grace said.

“That’s not the way the law works,” Abrams responded.

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