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Cops Say Teenage Girls Killed in Indiana Managed to Get Recording of Killer’s Voice


Authorities released an audio clip they say contains the voice of the suspect wanted in the kidnapping and murder of two Indiana teenagers whose bodies were discovered near a walking trial by an abandoned railroad bridge last week.

Fear and outrage in the community prompted the county persecutor to release a Facebook plea to residents asking them to please “let the police work” and to not “harass, bother or accuse anyone” not officially named a suspect by police.  On Monday, the Indiana State Police confirmed the only “suspect” they are looking for in connection with the case is a man seen photographed near the area where the girls were last seen.

The photo appears to show a white male, wearing blue jeans and a jacket.

On Wednesday morning, Indiana State Police (ISP) held a press conference to provide additional information about the status of the investigation into the deaths of 13-year-old Abigail J. Williams and 14-year-old Liberty Rose Lynn German, whose bodies were found last week just 18 hours after they were first reported missing.

At the press conference, police said they obtained an audio recording of the person they believe to be the suspect ordering the two girls off the trail and into the wooded area.  According to the cops, the voice was recorded by Liberty German’s cellphone and they believe it captured a rather chilling phrase from the suspect, telling the girls to move, “Down the hill.”

Investigators would not say whether the voice heard on the cellphone recording is the voice of the man pictured in a photo and  named as a “suspect” by the police.  However, they say they are hopeful a member of the public will recognize the voice on the audio tape and/or the man in the photograph. They also told the media the photo of the “suspect” they circulated also came from German’s cellphone, presumably meaning the young girl had the presence of mind to snap the photo before she was abducted and killed.

Sgt. Tony Slocum told reporters the man in the photo “is our suspect” and they are “actively looking for [that] person.” In addition to local and state law enforcement agencies, more than 20 FBI agents have joined the hunt to find the girls’ killer.

ISP Superintendent Doug Carter had a stern message for the suspect, saying, “If you are watching, we will find you.” A $41,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can bring the killer (or killers) to justice.

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