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Cop Delights 92-Year-Old Woman with Dance, Video Goes Viral (WATCH)


Sgt. Kim Lenz of the Austin Police Department had seen Millie Siever on the streets before, engaged in the same activity, but had never intervened. That activity, of course, is dancing, and this time, Lenz decided to join in, when she spotted the 92-year-old boogieing in a parking lot.

Lenz told the Austin Post-Bulletin that she saw Siever listening to music through earphones and dancing.  She asked what station the woman was listening to, and turned it up on her police car’s stereo. The vehicle’s dashcam was rolling while the two shared a dance. Afterwards, they hugged and Lenz went back to business, and later showed the video to her colleagues. The footage ended up going viral after the police department posted it on Facebook.

According to Siever’s granddaughter, Tammie Maus-Sutphen, was thrilled. She told the local newspaper that Siever often walks while listening to music, occasionally getting her groove on in the process. She said it meant a lot to her grandmother when Sgt. Lenz joined her.

“It was nice to see an officer get out of her car and spend some time with some random stranger on the street,” she said. “My grandma said Sgt. Lenz has stopped by to visit a few times and she loves it. She and Sgt. Lenz are friends and Grandma hopes to spend a little time with her now and again.”

“I tracked her down to where she was living and went to go visit her,” Lenz said. “She’s just a great person.”

[Image via Austin Police Department screengrab]

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