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Rapist ex-cop sentenced for ‘unspeakably evil’ crimes against women

David Carrick, a police officer, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of rape in the United Kingdom. (Mugshot via Hertfordshire Constabulary)

David Carrick, a police officer, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of rape in the United Kingdom. (Mugshot via Hertfordshire Constabulary)

Disgraced London police officer David Carrick, 48, was sentenced on Tuesday for 24 counts of rape and other crimes perpetrated against 12 women. He must serve a minimum of 30 years in prison under 36 life sentences.

“David Carrick’s crimes were unspeakably evil,” Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police Service said. “The detail is harrowing. He subjected these victims and survivors to the most degrading and inhumane treatment and yet they still showed the courage to come forward and to provide the evidence that led to his conviction.”

The 48-year-old pleaded guilty to charges in December and then again in January.

“I recognise that as a result of this case and other prominent recent cases, there are women whose trust in the police is profoundly shaken,” Rowley said. “I and tens of thousands of officers and staff in the Met are horrified by this man’s crimes and recognise this will shake Londoners trust too. We have let down women across London but we are more determined than ever to put it right.”

The beginning of the end started when Carrick was arrested in October 2021, but police acknowledged a train of alleged wrongdoing dating back to 2000. Claims included an ex saying he engaged in burglary and “malicious communications,” and another ex accusing him of assault and harassment.

“This [2002 incident] was after the start of his service as a police officer, but the matter was not referred to the Directorate of Professional Standards,” authorities wrote. “Information about this matter and our review of it has been shared with the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).”

Claims over the years included Carrick being “involved” in a 2004 domestic incident without criminal allegations, being an initial suspect in a 2016 harassment case, being kicked out of a nightclub while drunk in 2017, grabbing a woman by the neck in a 2019 domestic incident, and being arrested in July 2021 by the Hertfordshire Constabulary for rape. The woman in that last matter decided not to proceed in the case, though Carrick later pleaded guilty in connection with that attack as part of the overarching criminal prosecution.

“He exploited his position as a police officer in the most disgusting way,” Rowley said. “He should not have been a police officer. We weren’t rigorous enough in our approach and as a result we missed opportunities to identify the warning signs over decades. I want to again reiterate my apology on behalf of the Met. We are truly sorry.”

The commissioner promised reform.

“Addressing systemic failures will take time, but we will be determined and relentless in rooting out the corrupt,” he said. “Lifting the stone and confronting what we find beneath, will result in more difficult cases coming to light. We need the support of Londoners to get through it. This is not the time for me to lay out in detail the actions we are taking to root out those who corrupt our integrity.”

“Today is about the victims’ fight for justice,” the commissioner continued. “On 31st March, we will be sharing the progress we have made on rooting out those who corrupt our integrity. We will earn back the trust and confidence of women and give Londoners the police service they deserve.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan voiced support for the commissioner’s plans.

“There can be no hiding place for those who abuse their position of trust and authority within the police,” he said. “I want to reassure the public and all the brave officers and staff who want to speak out that under the new Commissioner any allegation of misconduct will be taken seriously and handled sensitively. I urge people to come forward to report any unacceptable behaviour.”

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