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Insane Video of Arrested Woman Ditching Handcuffs, Taking Off in Cop Car (WATCH)


A woman in Texas was allegedly caught on camera resisting arrest in a wholly spectacular way: by driving off in a police cruiser.

Body cam video shows Toscha Sponsler being cuffed by multiple officers in Lufkin, Texas. She was apparently arrested for shoplifting.

Then the feed switches and shows Sponsler mulling over her options in the back of a cop car.¬†She doesn’t hesitate for long before deftly removing her seatbelt and cuffs. Then she painstakingly slips from the backseat to the front.

Viewers are treated to another angle as body cam footage shows a small group of cops poring over their suspect’s belongings–and then the escape.

The officers grasp at the cruiser in vain, flinging open a door for naught. One says, “God dang.”

Back to the dash cam, Sponsler speeds away, dodging other cops in pursuit and weaving across lanes before ultimately losing control in a grassy area. As the cruiser stalls out, she moans.

The cops then rush the car, breaking the window before hauling her out of the driver’s seat and arresting her again.

Rather than one simple shoplifting misdemeanor, she’s now charged with escape causing serious bodily injury, evading arrest with a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, aggravated assault against a public servant, and possession of a controlled substance.

[image via screengrab]

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