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Alleged Weinstein Operative Accused of Impersonating Attorney to Obtain Victim’s Medical Records


An attorney for one of Harvey Weinstein‘s numerous accusers believes his client’s medical health records are being sought by hired operatives loyal to the disgraced former impresario.

Aaron Filler represents actress Paz de la Huerta. De la Huerta has accused Weinstein of raping her twice in late 2010. Her medical health records are said to be crucial evidence in the NYPD’s rape case against Weinstein, because De la Huerta reportedly spoke to her therapist about both rapes soon after they allegedly occurred.

And now, it appears a member of Weinstein’s personal “army of spies” is trying to surreptitiously obtain those very records.

Yesterday morning, during an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, Filler spoke with the titular host about those allegations. He said:

A former district attorney, Michael Rubin, who was not retained, apparently represented himself as a retained attorney. He attempted to get control of a large trove of evidence, which had not yet been received by the district attorney. And also, contacted the district attorney, representing himself as my client’s attorney.

Filler also claimed Rubin contacted both (1) the attorney representing De la Huerta’s therapist; and (2) the Manhattan district attorney while holding himself out to be a representative for De la Huerta. Rubin is not, in fact, De la Huerta’s attorney.

LawNewz reached out to Rubin for comment on this story but no response was forthcoming at the time of publication.

Kelly then pressed Filler on his accusations and asked him what proof he had. In response, Filler noted that he had only heard about the apparent imposter’s antics the night before from the parties involved.

Filler continued by noting that his client’s medical records, “were supposed to come to us and we were informed that this was off and they were being given to Mr. Rubin.” Kelly then attempted to clarify Filler’s position. She said:

Is it your theory that this guy is a Weinstein operative trying to get your client’s therapy records to see what she’s alleging, what she said at the time, and how it might affect his criminal charges in New York?

Filler replied, “That’s my impression. Yes.”

A few seconds of all-but-dead air followed. Murmurs murmured. Papers shuffled.

Kelly finally responded, “That’s unbelievable.”

[image via screengrab; video courtesy NBC]

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