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WATCH LIVE: Kelly Marie Cochran Dismemberment Trial Day 5


The trial of a woman charged in connection with the 2014 murder, dismemberment, and dumping of 53-year-old Michigan resident Christopher Regan in Iron County, MI continued on Friday with testimony from the several prosecution witnesses.

Kelly Marie Cochran, 34, faces multiple charges related to the death of Regan, who police have said they believe was shot and killed by Cochran’s late husband after he came home to “find” Regan with her. Police say the entire “caught in the act” thing was simply a ruse and Regan was lured to the home where he was murdered. Cochran in accused of then helping chop up Regan’s body and dumping it in the deep woods in northern Michigan.

On Friday, the prosecution called the lead investigator in the case, former police chief Laura Frizzo.  She testified about the timeline in the case, telling jurors that police initially believed that only Cochran’s then-husband was a suspect in the case.  However, she said that Cochran’s claims about her involvement did not add up after continued questioning.  Frizzo said she spoke with Cochran on the day of her arraignment, and at that time Cochran allegedly revealed she had been homicidal her whole life because she thought she was “born that way.”

Frizzo also testified about finding Regan’s skull at one of the dump sites in the aftermath of Cochran’s arrest and alleged confession to involvement in the murder and dismemberment.  The prosecution was even allowed to show jurors Regan’s actual skull over the strong objections of Cochran’s lawyers.

Nearly 16 months after Regan’s death, police in Indiana accused Cochran of killing her then-husband (the man police say shot Regan), and of attempting to cover up the death as though it was a heroin overdose. She faces separate charges in Indiana related to that death and while in jail she has reportedly claimed responsibility for additional deaths, though police have been unable to verify any additional claims at this time.

The trial in Michigan is expected to last up to three weeks.  Frizzo’s direct testimony is expected to continue on Monday and afterwards the defense will begin its cross examination.

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