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What Are Maryland’s Republican Delegate Rules?


shutterstock_405769246-2With the Republican National Convention approaching, the specter of a brokered convention looms like a mysterious cloud over the Presidential race. There’s been a lot of talk over not just who will have the most delegates beforehand, but if and how each state’s delegates could change sides. Here’s a rundown of the rules for Maryland, and how it impacts the overall situation.

How many delegates are there? 38 delegates. Winner-take-most/winner-take-all by congressional district. April 26. Primary election

Who are they? Delegates are typically active party members or local leaders. Each state also has three delegates who are members of the Republican National Committee.

How many did each candidate win? Primary takes place April 26.

At what point can delegates switch candidates? According to Frontloading HQ:

The Maryland Republican Party rules bind delegates to the statewide and/or congressional district winner(s) until:

  1. the candidate who has won those delegates releases them;
  2. the candidate who has won those delegates receives less than 35% of the vote in the nomination vote at the national convention;
  3. or through two ballots at the national convention.

How are delegates picked?  According to the Maryland Republican Party’s website:

In Maryland, there will be 3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates elected per Congressional District on the Primary Ballot (April 26, 2016) for a total of 24. These delegates and alternate delegates are elected by the Republican voters in each Congressional District and are bound to the winner of the Presidential contest in that Congressional District. There will be 11 delegates and 11 alternate delegates elected at-large at the MDGOP 2016 Spring Convention on May 14, 2016. They are elected by the members of the Republican State Central Committee of Maryland. They are bound to the winner of the statewide Presidential contest in Maryland.

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