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Justice Gorsuch Gets Majorly Trolled For His Hardcore #SOTU ‘Impartial’ Face


President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech, and in attendance were several Supreme Court justices including newly appointed Neil Gorsuch, who apparently took his new position very, very, seriously Tuesday evening. As President Trump praised him, he carefully sat in a statute like pose as the gallery erupted in applause.

“For the last year, we have sought to restore the bonds of trust our citizens and their government. Working with the Senate, we are appointing judges who will interpret the Constitution as written including a great new Supreme Court Justice and more circuit court judges than any new administration in the history of our country,” Trump proclaimed. As the crowd cheered and the camera panned to Justice Gorsuch, he remained stoic and unflinching. It was actually quite an amazing feet. Take a look:

Twitter, understandably had a field day with that one, with one reporter commenting, “when you practice your impartial face at home.

Trump nominated Gorsuch to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia and he was sworn in April 10, 2017. Notably absent from Tuesday’s SOTU was the notorious RBG. Ruth Bader Ginsburg had other engagements to deliver a “fireside chat” to students at a law school in Rhode Island. She has been a public critic of President Trump.


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