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TrustDale Investigates: How a Bait and Switch Scheme Ended with the Tragic Death of Two Teenage Girls (WATCH)


How did a price scam end up with two girls dead, and two men in jail? Join Emmy Award winning consumer investigator Dale Cardwell as he finds out how. Will there be justice for the young victims? Watch TrustDALE Investigates above to find out.

Dale investigates a Georgia locksmith company accused of taking advantage of stranded motorists, misleading them about the price, and surprising them with bills about 10 times more than what was originally quoted. In one instance, two young girls died after one customer was surprised with a huge bill, and was chased by one of the locksmith’s employees.

“The sound in my home is so quiet that it’s loud,” says grieving mother Rashida Oliver.

In the premiere episode, Dale explores what you can do to better protect yourself against such predatory practices so you don’t get cheated at your most vulnerable time.

Cardwell examines the companies shady business practices, lays out how they attempt to evade responsibility, and brings it to the attention of local investigators.

“We believe that it’s inappropriate, we believe that it’s wrong, and we believe that it’s illegal,” said Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds.

In the middle of it all is one 40-year-old businessman, who is believed to be linked to other operations across the country. See what happens when confronted about the loss of those teenage girls.

“Do you see the girls faces at night when you try to sleep?” Cardwell says.

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