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With Kennedy Gone, Everybody Is Looking at 85-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg


One down, two to go? From the beginning of Donald Trump‘s presidency, pundits often cast a glance at the three elder justices on the Supreme Court. Now that “swing-voter” Anthony Kennedy, 81, is retiring, the POTUS is getting the chance to solidify the conservative majority. Can he do more? Liberal Stephen Breyer is 79. Even older: Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 85.

It’s a big enough deal for Trump to pick the replacement for Kennedy, who long had a reputation as the court’s “swing-voter.” The retiring justice sided with liberals on same-sex marriage, but joined conservatives on issues like gun ownership. It would be another thing entirely for Trump to replace Ginsburg or Breyer, two liberals.

That has some left-leaning Twitter people and others pretty nervous, or whipping out gallows humor about the court’s oldest member.

“I’m becoming an organ donor but only if my organs are going to Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” wrote Amanda Smith, managing editor of the upcoming baseball publication Expanded Roster.

“Just sent a bouquet of HGH to Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” comedian and podcast host Louis Virtel wrote.

“I’m mailing Ruth Bader Ginsberg a gift basket with vitamins, stem cells, and a baboon heart,” wrote comedian Matt Fernandez.

Boston Globe deputy Washington Bureau Chief Matt Viser put this out, in reference to Ginsburg’s workout regime.

Others were a little more defiant.

“Somewhere, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is reading the Anthony Kennedy news and whispering ‘Fucking pussy,'” wrote Nerdist writer Donna Dickens.

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