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Richard Nixon’s Lawyer Accuses Trump of Lying to Cover Up His Own Knowledge Gaps


John Dean (National Archives)John Dean, the White House Counsel for Richard Nixon, and best known as the man who the FBI called the “master manipulator of the cover-up” in the Watergate scandal, took to Twitter on Thursday to criticize President Elect Donald Trump:

“The greatest problem for Obama’s foreign policy (e.g., Russia and Israel) is Trump playing out of his league and where he has no business,” Dean wrote. A couple hours later, he expanded on the tweet, adding that “It is deeply troubling when you realize that the president-elect generally does not know what he is talking about and when he does he lies.” While Dean didn’t give specifics, he may be referring to Trump’s contradictory comments about the Russian hacks of the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta.

In a move that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a 78 year old lawyer, much less one who served as White House Counsel, Dean even replied to someone who was trolling him in the replies to the second tweet:

“[Please] troll elsewhere[,] for you are cluttering[,] and foul.”

[Photo: National Archives]

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