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Police Raid Pennsylvania Democratic Voter Outreach Office To Search For Proof of Fraud


2016 election voter registration (Shutterstock) Pennsylvania State Police raided the office of FieldWorks LLC, a group that does voter outreach/”street work” for Democrats, after obtaining a search warrant on Friday. The warrant, while vague about the investigation itself, specified that police were looking for “templates . . . utilized to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” as well as “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms,” according to information obtained by

In a statement, FieldWorks spokesman Matt Dorf said that the organization has “zero tolerance for fraud” and added that “FieldWorks is now working with county officials to provide them with information on our program and applications they are investigating.” He also assured the Inquirer that “[i]n keeping with our regular practice, we will work aggressively with authorities to seek the prosecution of anyone involved in wrongdoing.”

While sometimes confused with in-person voter fraud, voter registration fraud is actually a bit different. Someone filling out a voter registration form with fraudulent information doesn’t mean that someone will try to vote under that name, as there are safeguards in place to block those registrants from going on the rolls. Often, it’s the result of voter registration workers having to meet quotas, leading to the workers filling out nonsense applications. FieldWorks has warned authorities in the past when it found batches of bogus registrations, so on the surface at least they have been doing the right thing.

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