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So, Liberals, Which Is it: Mueller Probe Needs to Drag on Forever or End Right Now?


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Fully acknowledging up front that Republicans have also called for Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation to “wrap up” already (but for different reasons), let’s try and see if we can get the Left’s ducks in a row on this issue.

After Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retired, social media was abuzz was dire predictions that may or may not come to pass regarding issues like abortion or gay marriage. But, for some reason, the first thought that came to mind from some influencers was along the lines of,”Wow, Mueller better wrap this up and soon.”

Consider these reactions from New York Times columnist Charles Blow and former Hillary Clinton strategist Peter Daou.

Between “where are you, Robert Mueller?” and “Mueller is taking too long” in all caps we can surmise that both Blow and Daou would like the Mueller Probe to end as soon as possible.

They weren’t alone in this.

It’s an odd instance where the Left and Right unknowingly and unintentionally agreed on something — to be sure, for different reasons — but the narrative surrounding the Mueller Probe would quickly shift from feverish to strategic.

Enter Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), with some Fabian strategy.

Booker argued Thursday afternoon on Capitol Hill that as long as President Donald Trump “remains a subject” of Mueller’s wide-net investigation, there should be no action on Supreme Court replacement for Kennedy.

The Senator said the nomination should be “delayed until the Mueller investigation is concluded.” In other words, it’d be really great if the Mueller Probe carried on until after the Democrats dominate the 2018 midterms, win the presidency in 2020 and then the specter of Merrick Garland can be avenged.

Simply put: ending the probe now and dragging on forever can’t both exist at the same time, so which is it?

Calls to end the probe now amount to a fool’s errand. Those suggesting this necessarily believe one of two things: 1) the findings of the investigation will successfully eject the president from his seat in the Oval Office back to some throne in Trump Tower and prevent him from outlawing abortion and gay marriage or 2) the investigation is a witch hunt.

The stakes are, indeed, high, so it’d be nice if there was coherence on this subject.

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