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‘I am a Homicidal Maniac’: Scott Nelson Takes Stand, Says He Wants Death Sentence (WATCH)


Convicted murderer Scott Nelson took the stand again in Florida during his penalty phase for the murder of nanny Jennifer Fulford. He gave a striking answer when his defense asked how his previous incarceration affected his mental health.

“I am a homicidal maniac,” he said. This ended direct examination. But then the prosecution asked him if he wanted to be sentenced to death. He said yes. The defense objected to this as an improper question, and the judge sustained it.

You can see it in the video above starting at about 43:15.

Nelson testified at trial that he in fact killed Fulford after he robbed her employer’s house, kidnapped the victim, and ended her life so she wouldn’t be a witness against him. He admitted that he wanted money in order to abscond from probation.

Nelson has claimed that the moral blame for this crime lies elsewhere. He insisted the killing happened because he was treated badly by prison and government officials.

Fulford was the nanny and house manager for a family in Winter Park, Florida. She did not know Nelson. The defense is trying to save the defendant’s life by pointing out his life has been a rough one: He faced abuse, sustained head injuries, and spent 25 years in prison.

Before taking the stand on Monday, Nelson told the judge about his complaint with how his legal team has been handling the case.

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