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Admitted Murderer Has Outburst in Court, Insists He’s Not Racist (WATCH)


Convicted murderer Scott Nelson had an outburst in an Orange County, Florida court Wednesday after testimony showed that he had “problems” with Muslim inmates while in prison.

“I’m not a racist,” said Nelson, an admitted killer.

Nelson, 55, was convicted of murder and other charges on Friday. He was held responsible for robbing a Winter Park home in September 2017, kidnapping nanny Jennifer Fulford, 56, and killing her so there wouldn’t be a witness. Nelson confessed to this on the stand, and showed no remorse. Now his defense is trying to save him from the death penalty, but he’s hardly playing by the court’s rules.

Roy Gravette, a federal prison expert, testified Wednesday about the defendant’s time in federal prison, saying that Nelson “had problems with the Muslim inmates” while doing a food service job. Guess who had an issue with this account.

“Jesus Christ,” said Nelson. This outburst progressed to him insisting that he wasn’t racist. The judge sent the jury out of the room, and chided the defendant. Nelson seemed to back down, and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“I was getting into my feelings,” he said.

The judge pointed out that Nelson could lose the right to be present in court. This is the defendant’s second outburst in the penalty phase. Nelson objected during his brother James Nelson‘s testimony on Tuesday.

The defense is trying to show that Nelson had a rough life, and endured abuse from his father growing up. A juror was kicked off the case Monday, at the beginning of the penalty phase, after saying he saw no evidence to justify the death penalty.

Court is off Thursday and Friday on account of the 4th of July holiday, and will pick up Monday.

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