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Watch: James Colley Murder Trial


Florida man James Colley is on trial for allegedly killing his wife Amanda Colley and her friend Lindy Dobbins on August 27, 2015. Colley faces the death penalty, but his defense has argued that he wasn’t in his right mind at the time, being under the influence of Ambien.

Two eyewitnesses, Lamar Douberly & Rachel Hendricks, survived the alleged incident. Colley and his wife were separated at the time, and she was in a relationship with Douberly.

Undermining Colley’s involuntary intoxication defense is police paperwork that indicates that Colley’s father, James Colley Sr., spoke to his son that day, and was concerned about his state of mind. That morning, Colley had appeared in court for allegedly violating a restraining order that was meant to keep him away from his wife. The elder Colley allegedly said that his son was okay afterwards and ready to go to work, but that changes after he was in contact with Amanda.

A police report said that James Colley Sr. said James Jr. was “furious,” and he was concerned that he might do something foolish. James Jr.’s sister, however, disputed that account, saying, “My father as well as the people in the courtroom that day agree that my brothers disposition was ‘fine.'”


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