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WATCH: Murder Trial of Henry Segura, Accused of Killing Girlfriend and Children Day 2


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The trial of Henry Segura continues Friday in Leon County, Florida. Segura is charged with four counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of his girlfriend, Brandi Peters, their 3-year-old child, and her twin 6-year-old daughters who were not his. Peters was found dead, beaten and shot on November 20, 2010, with one child also shot and the others drowned. If convicted, Segura could get the death penalty.

On Thursday, prosecutor John Fuchs mapped out his case during his opening statement. Fuchs talked about how Segura had a motive, as he owed child support payments. He discussed phone records of conversations between him and Peters prior to her death. Fuchs mentioned Segura’s lack of emotion when he was notified of the murders before being considered a suspect. Additionally, Fuchs talked about Segura’s ex-girlfriend who reported an anonymous tip about him telling her he needed a gun prior to the killings.

The defense, on the other hand, told a far different story about how authorities got the wrong guy. Other people’s DNA were found at the scene, attorney Nate Prince said, including that of Angel Avila-Quinones, another possible suspect. Just last week, another man, James Carlos Santos, said he had ordered the killings from prison because Peters had allegedly stolen from a Mexican drug cartel. It’s still unknown whether Santos will testify at trial.

Two witnesses who did testify Thursday after opening statements did so after being compelled to appear. They had initially refused, reportedly due to fear of other people Prince may argue committed the crimes.

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