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‘You are a F—ing Hog’: Father of Victim Delivers Scathing Message to Pervert Olympics Doctor (VIDEO)


After his daughter Kassie Powell delivered her victim impact statement at the sentencing of former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar, her father, Doug Powell, gave impassioned, harsh words to the man who sexually abused his daughter and so many others.

A law enforcement correctional professional, Powell told Nassar, whom he referred to as “Inmate Nassar,” that he doesn’t deserve to be educated as to what awaits him in prison, or how to get by, just as he didn’t provide courtesy or compassion to those he abused.

Powell did give Nassar a brief lesson on one subject: prison lingo for new inmates and child molesters like “fish,” “chester,” “diaper sniper,” “diddler,” and “tree jumper,” slang for new inmates and child molesters. That language aside, Powell had his own preference for how to describe Nassar.

“In my world, and in my family’s world that you have so conveniently destroyed,” he said, “you are a fucking hog.”

Powell went on to say that as he serves what will effectively be a life sentence, he hopes prison staff do their job and keep him alive, “and don’t you dare try to manipulate the correctional facility and be a coward and harm yourself.”

He wants Nassar to live, and to be afraid.

“I want you to fear those dark corners,” he said. “I want you to fear that booty bandit that wants to make you his punk. I want you to fear and cry, and no one to listen.”

Powell ended by comparing Nassar to a piece of sandpaper, whose scratches and digs may change the exterior, in this case his victims’ enthusiasm, trust, and dignity, “but those scratched and dug will become polished and beautiful  …. and you, Inmate Nassar, will be thrown out and discarded, like the garbage you are.”

After concluding his address to Nassar, Powell thanked Judge Rosemarie Aquilina for giving him and others the opportunity to speak. He asked her to hand down the maximum sentence of 125 years. Nassar has been accused by more than 100 women of sexually abusing them when he was both USA Olympics team doctor and employed by Michigan State University.

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