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Watch: Garry Yarborough On Trial for Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend Tracy Williams


North Carolina man Garry Yarborough stands trial for murdering his ex-girlfriend Tracy Williams in 2015 at a Food Lion parking lot. At the time, police said the victim shot her killer in self-defense before her gun jammed. He then shot her, ending her life.

Investigators said they discovered Williams’ body in front of an ATM with two guns. The suspect’s gun wasn’t there.

Yarborough led authorities on a chase in his SUV, cops said. He allegedly torched his vehicle, leaving it along the side of the road. He later fired into a home before forcing a nurse there to help him deal with his gunshot wound.

As seen on video, authorities tracked him down to a Days Inn motel. He stepped out of his room with his hands up, and was taken into custody.

A second man found at the hotel with Yarborough, Josiah Oakley, was later charged as an accessory after the fact.

Yarborough had a lengthy criminal record, being arrested at least 89 times on multiple allegations, including drug offenses and being an accessory to murder. Previously, he had also been accused of abusing Williams.

Her father William Steward told CBS 17 in 2015 that he had never trusted Yarborough because the man never spoke to him in the couple of times they met.

He said his daughter talked about her problems with the man. This included an alleged incident where Yarborough kidnapped her at gunpoint, “so she talked nice to him until she got away.” Williams purchased her gun after that.

The victim had told told local cops and deputies about how he treated her. She had qualified for a concealed carry permit, said Franklinton Police Chief John Green according to The News & Observer. Williams did everything right by contacting authorities, winning a court order against her ex, and legally arming herself, he said, but she was betrayed by the gun malfunction.

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