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WATCH: Kristopher Torgerson Murder Trial Day 7


The murder trial of Kristopher Torgerson continues Tuesday in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Torgerson is charged in the 2010 death of 22-year-old Stephanie LowThe Wisconsin woman was missing for years before her remains were found in 2014. Torgerson was the one who led authorities to Low’s body in a shallow grave, years after her alleged murder. Torgerson was believed to be at Low’s home looking for drugs, and Low and her boyfriend were known to sell cocaine.

On Monday, Andrea Wadinski, who was Torgerson’s girlfriend, testified. She said she knew Low through Torgerson and had been to her apartment in the past. She told the court that she brought Torgerson to her mother’s cabin around the time of Low’s disappearance. Low’s body was found in that area years later. Wadinski admitted that she lied to authorities for years during the investigation because she was afraid of Torgerson.

Also on Monday, Richard Hawkins testified that he had known Torgerson for years before Low’s disappearance. He said that on October 10, 2010, Torgerson took him to Low’s apartment, where he saw Low’s body wrapped in bed sheets. Hawkins said he helped Togerson put Low’s body in a car, and in the morning they met up with Wadinski at the cabin and buried Low. He also described how Torgerson got rid of evidence such as the sheets, a shovel, and Low’s phone, which had been taken apart.

On Tuesday, Hawkins will face cross-examination.

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