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Guys Who Law: NFL Collusion Against Kaepernick Would Be Very Hard to Prove


In the most recent episode of the Guys Who Law podcast, Jesse & Andrew talk about the bombshell Kavanaugh news that came out last Thursday on the sexual assault accusation by an anonymous former classmate (now identified as Christine Blasey-Ford) of Kavanaugh’s. Senator Diane Feinstein has reportedly been sitting on this letter for a few months, and the implications of this accusation could be devastating for Kavanaugh if proven true.

The Guys Who Law also ventured into the sports world, discussing the NFL collusion case brought by former superstar QB, Colin Kaepernick, and the controversial Nike advertisement that he was featured in. In a huge blow to the NFL, an arbitrator recently rejected the league’s request to dismiss his case, and it will now go to a hearing (during the 2018 NFL season). The arbitrator will decide whether the various teams in the NFL colluded to keep the former 49ers quarterback out.

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