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Woman Says She Witnessed First Harrowing Moments of Texas Mass Shooting


A woman said she saw the first moments of the mass shooting on Saturday in Texas.

“Somebody tried to kill me today,” Shauna Saxton told CBS 7, recounting the harrowing incident.

Seven people were killed, and about 20 injured in a shooting spree, authorities said according to CNN. Troopers pulled over a driver who was operating a gold Honda in Midland, and he allegedly began firing at them with a rifle. He sped away, shooting randomly at bystanders and other drivers, authorities said. He then took over a postal truck, and drove to the city of Odessa. The incident ended in a fatal shootout with police. The suspect has only been described as a white man in his 30s.

Saxton told the outlet she had gone out to pick up boxes from her friends, who had just moved. She got onto the interstate behind a white car. The light turned green, and they started rolling when she heard “pop, pop, pop.”

She said that at first she suggested to the man in the car with her that it was a car backfiring, but she turned around, and saw the shooter. He was pointing his gun at her. Saxton said she was able to speed from the scene between the two cars in front of her.

If she hadn’t looked over her shoulder, she wouldn’t have seen or reacted to it, she said. Saxton claimed the gold vehicle was trailing her. She had no idea why he was following her.

“Did I make him mad?” she said.

In the end, she was able to get away, and found out later that this was a random shooter.

“We got really lucky today,” she said. She said nothing happened to them, and that no bullets struck her car.

Saxton claimed she saw the man’s face. He was not “self-possessed,” and that this was not a methodical shooting, she said.

“He was just randomly trying to kill whoever he could kill,” she said.

[Screengrab via CBS News]

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