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Why the Heck Did This Man Shoot His Wife on Video?


Wow, talk about an effective marketing technique. Miguel Caballero shot his wife with .38 pistol in front of a crowd of people to prove how effective his fashionable bulletproof clothing is. When you watch the video, you will want to turn away. Caballero doesn’t appear to be too happy about having to pull the trigger, either.

According to the Miami Herald, his Colombia-based line of clothes is sold under the name of MC Armor in the United States, and has debuted in Miami, Florida. The 49-year-old CEO has become a kind of Latin American celebrity and has apparently shot more than 230 volunteers in his attempt to prove just how well his clothing works.

“I swore to myself I would never do that again,” Caballero told The Miami Herald after he shot his wife for the video. “But she’s trying to open up the American market and I’m helping her in every way I can.

The clothing, which goes for about $500 a pop, comes with different levels of protection to stop different sized bullets. Caballero, who founded the company in 1990s, did so in one of the world’s most murderous capitals. He is hoping the United States becomes a huge market for his company.

[Screengrab via Miami Herald]

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