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‘We Will Enforce the Embargo’: President Trump Rolls Back Obama Administration Cuba Policies


President Donald Trump announced during an address in Miami on Friday that he is reversing policies enacted by President Barack Obama that lifted restrictions on Cuba.

“We will enforce the ban on tourism, we will enforce the embargo,” Trump said. He then clarified that he is not imposing total bans on Americans traveling to Cuba, and will not close embassies. There will be restrictions on travel from the United States to Cuba, but airlines will be able to continue flying there.

The President said that his new policies will work to improve the rights of the Cuban people, and will keep in place safeguards that endanger Cubans in their efforts to come to the United States.

“Open yourselves to political and economic freedom,” Trump said to the Cuban government. Trump also called out the Cuban government for harboring fugitives.

After concluding his address, Trump signed the order for his new policies.

University of Miami law professor David Abraham weighed in on the announcement, expressing doubt that the new order will bring about any positive change. “The President’s efforts to revive a dead Cold War may gratify the last of the dead enders in Miami’s Little Havana,” Abraham told, “but it will do nothing for either the Cuban or American peoples.”

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