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Mollie Tibbetts Investigators Start New Website and Task Force to Aid Search


Authorities held a press conference Monday afternoon regarding the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts. They are casting their net wider for evidence in this missing person case.

Tibbetts vanished after staying at the home of her boyfriend’s brother in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa on July 18, 2018. Investigators are announcing a task force to handle the probe, which is almost a month old.

She is described as being 5’2″, about 120 pounds, and having long brown hair and brown eyes.

Authorities declined on Monday to give investigative facts in the case, including the identity of anyone they spoke to. Nonetheless, they mentioned they interviewed about 500 subjects, and said they are looking after Tibbetts’ “digital footprint.” This was still being treated as a missing person’s case. Authorities said they don’t feel the public was at risk. They have not named any suspects in the investigation.

They called on the public to share information about anyone suspicious, and suggested that any suspect would already have a history of violent behavior. Other signs include a person who is paying close attention to media coverage of the Tibbetts disappearance, or an individual who is reluctant to discuss the case.

A website is being started for people to supply tips: Authorities described it as another avenue for people to contact law enforcement with information. It is live Monday afternoon after facing some apparent technical difficulties.

Tibbetts’ parents previously put up a reward for information leading to her. Father Rob Tibbetts suggested last week that she might have been kidnapped by someone she knew.

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