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WATCH LIVE: Curtis Reeves ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearing


Three years ago, retired police Captain Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson during an altercation at a movie theater. Reeves claims that he feared for his life, and shouldn’t be charged with any crimes due to Florida’s “stand your ground” law which allows deadly force if there is a reasonable fear of mortal danger. Reeves is currently facing a hearing to determine whether he will face a trial for second degree murder. The hearing is continuing on Friday, and you can watch the hearing in the player above.

Earlier this week, Reeves’ wife Vivian took the stand and gave her account of what happened at the theater that day. She said her husband told Oulson to put his phone away during previews before a showing of “Lone Survivor.” Oulson responded by yelling and cursing, she said, and Reeves then complained to a manager. When Reeves came back, he whispered something to Oulson that led to Oulson getting up and leaning over. “I thought he was coming over,” Vivian Reeves said. Oulson took popcorn out of Reeves’ hand and threw it at him, as security video showed. That’s when Reeves pulled out a gun and fired one shot, killing Oulson.

Reeves contends he feared for his life, but prosecutors say he started the whole thing.

On Thursday, Oulson’s wife Nicole, who was there at the time, testified, telling the court that Reeves was the instigator.

Curtis Reeves himself is expected to take the stand at some point during the hearing.

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