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United Clarifies Policy After Twitter Blows Up over ‘No Leggings on Flight’ Debacle


A testy exchange on social media turned into a social media nightmare for United Airlines. Everyone was commenting: reporters, authors, actors, TV hosts. And yet even after the company tried to explain things, some commenters argued that it was still a bad look.

This started Sunday morning, when gun-control advocate Shannon Watts made this complaint on Twitter:

Thus began their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Sunday. Watts said that at least one girl was 10, and her father was wearing shorts. Accordingly, critics attacked the policy as sexist, something that polices women’s bodies.

The airline tried to point out that this enhanced dress code policy was only for employees, as well as guests and family members who took advantage of travel pass perks. Some observers pointed at this, and argued that this story was blown out of proportion.

Others only cared enough to say that they somehow didn’t care.

Nonetheless, the airline’s explanation didn’t satisfy some commenters.

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