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Two Teens Allegedly Beat Up Sick Pregnant Woman for No Reason (VIDEO)


[Warning: This video shows a disturbing incident.]

Video shows two individuals attacking a pregnant woman in Quincy, Massachusetts. They’ve been identified as Tyrese D. Johnson Nurse, 19, and David D. Russell, 18, according to media reports.

Leanne Hindy told WCVB this started with her getting sick from her pregnancy Tuesday evening near a post office. She started vomiting outside near the sidewalk.

“Then all of a sudden, these kids came over and started laughing at me because I wasn’t feeling well,” she said. “And I was just hunched over holding my stomach, and then the kid proceeded to keep laughing, and then spit on me.”

Bystander Alec Zeng corroborated the spitting allegation.

Video of the incident showed Hindy being attacked. She was the one wearing a light-blue hoodie, having been knocked on the ground.

Hindy said that others intervened, including her boyfriend and an elderly man. She reportedly told cops that Russell kicked her in the stomach.

“I hope he dies,” the suspect allegedly said about Hindy’s baby.

“Thank God for the citizens, and thank God for my boyfriend who came right to my rescue to help,” she said. “And if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know if I would be okay.”

She and her baby are apparently expected to be fine.

The suspects appeared in court Thursday. Judge Mark Covan described Russell as the primary attacker, according to The Patriot Ledger.

“It’s nothing short of shocking,” said Assistant District Attorney Ritaclair Muse. “It’s unbelievable conduct.”

It’s unclear if they have attorneys in the matter.

[Screengrab via Alec Zeng]

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