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Watch Live: FBI Director, DOJ Inspector General Testify Regarding Clinton Investigation Report


FBI Director Christopher Wray and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz are set to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday afternoon to discuss the massive report Horowitz released on Thursday that addressed the handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton‘s private email server. The hearing is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Watch live in the player above.

The 500-page document concluded that while the decision not to file charges against Clinton was not due to political bias, former FBI Director James Comey did act outside the bounds of DOJ policy. The report showed that Comey was “insubordinate” with his decision to publicly about decisions regarding the investigation, and criticized him for feeling the need to go outside protocol with regards to the Clinton probe, but apparently having a different standard regarding the investigation of Trump campaign ties to Russian interference with the 2016 election.

The report also ironically revealed that Comey used his own personal email account to conduct government business from time to time, but there was no indication that any classified information was transferred using his personal email.

Besides Comey, the report accused other FBI officials of various degrees of impropriety. Several agents, including Peter Strzok, were found to have sent messages that showed political leanings against Donald Trump or favoring Hillary Clinton. Some of Strzok’s language was found to be particularly problematic, as he indicated that he would use his official position in the Russia investigation to make sure Trump wouldn’t get elected.

Additionally, the report also noted the prevalence of officials at various levels leaking to the media.

The report has drawn varied reactions from those on different sides of the aisle. Clinton supporters were quick to point out the the report did not cast any doubt on the email investigation’s conclusion. Still, critics noted the various missteps made by Comey and others.

Following the report’s release, Wray noted that it “did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review,” but recognized that it did reveal “errors of judgment, violations of or even disregard for policy[.]” He said the FBI has already referred employees for potential discipline.

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