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UPDATE: Senate Makes Correction, Not Contacted By Flynn Lawyers


Update 5/18/17 1:55 pm: The Associated Press has now reported a correction of an earlier story, after a Senate Committee clarified that they had not received a response from Michael Flynn‘s legal team. An earlier report said that Flynn’s lawyers said that he planned to ignore a Senate panel’s subpoena.

The Associated Press reported Thursday morning that, according to a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence panel, Michael Flynn‘s lawyers said that Flynn will not obey a subpoena.

The Senate subpoenaed the former National Security Adviser last week as part of an investigation of President Donald Trump‘s ties to Russia. Flynn’s attorneys had said in the past that he might not turn over requested documents.

Failure to obey a Congressional subpoena could result in Flynn being held in contempt of Congress. The Intelligence Committee would have to vote whether to issue a citation for contempt, and if so, the full Senate would then vote on it. If the Senate votes for contempt, a civil case could be brought in federal court, or the Department of Justice could potentially file criminal charges.

While that sounds like severe consequences, in reality, these processes take forever, and the investigation could very well be over by the time a contempt case is resolved.

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