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Protesters Throw Rocks, Cops Throw Smoke Bombs Following Donald Trump Inauguration


Shortly after President Donald Trump took his oath of office, police and protesters are clashing near the route where a parade will be passing through to celebrate the new Commander in Chief. At least 95 people have been arrested, according to CNN, and protesters are reportedly throwing rocks and bricks at police officers. Fires have also been spotted in the street.

Cops are trying to maintain order, and keep the hostile crowds away from the parade. Officers in riot gear are lining the streets, and have used pepper spray and flash bang grenades that produce smoke and loud sounds to disorient and subdue violent demonstrators.

Much of the protests in D.C. have been peaceful, but with pockets of violence being so near to where the new President will be traveling, officers are in full force to keep protesters at bay. The National Guard has reportedly been called in to assist.

This is a developing story, and will provide updates as further details become available.

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