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‘I Value the God-Given Right to Life’: Man Who Threatened to Murder U.S. Senator for Criticizing Trump Pleads Guilty


A 51-year-old Brooklyn man who threatened to murder a sitting U.S. Senator for their criticism of President Donald Trump pleaded guilty on Friday, meaning he now faces up to 10 years behind bars.

Michael Brogan, ostensibly a pro-life man, was accused of threatening to kill an unidentified U.S. Senator “in retaliation for the United States Senator’s criticism of [President Trump] and the Senator’s position concerning reproductive rights.”

Brogan left that unidentified Senator the following (expletive-filled) voicemail message:

You listen carefully. Stupid ass excuse. You call yourself a Senator, you’re a piece of shit. You are an absolute piece of shit, Senator. Senator, and I put that in quotation marks…you’re a fucking phony. You watch your ass cause I [unintelligible], I’m going to put a bullet in ya. When I’m in D.C. and you’re there, I got your fucking mark you stupid bitch. You and your constant lambasting of President Trump. Oh, and reproductive rights, reproductive rights. You know what? I’m cursing and I’m in sin because of people like you, ok? Cause I value the God given right to life. You are alive. You should thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ that you are alive. If I saw you, I’d snuff your stupid fucking ass. I’d put a fucking bullet in you. You watch your ass. If I see you on the streets, I’m gonna fucking light you up with fucking bullets.

U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent John R. Delegan previously noted that Brogan attended the annual March for Life in the nation’s capital. U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Richard P. Donoghue on Friday said that such threats would not be tolerated, and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“Brogan threatened to assault and murder a sitting United States Senator to silence the Senator and interfere with the performance of the Senator’s official duties,”  Donoghue said. “The Department of Justice stands ready to vigorously prosecute those who seek to subvert our constitutional system and intimidate elected officials through threats of violence.”

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