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President Trump Reportedly Revealed Classified Info to Russians, So Was That Illegal?


A bombshell Washington Post report says that President Donald Trump revealed highly sensitive classified information regarding intelligence about ISIS during a meeting with the Russian foreign minister. The news has the media in an uproar, considering that the President just fired the FBI Director who was overseeing an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia. The information reportedly “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State,” according to the Post. If true, this news is certainly embarrassing and potentially dangerous, but whether Trump actually committed a crime or a potentially impeachable offense is debatable.

National security law expert Bradley Moss told that the Espionage Act, which governs transmission of sensitive information to foreign governments, theoretically applies to the President, but the President “can simply declassify information at his own convenience.” Moss added “the President’s classification authority essentially nullifies the idea of a prosecution.”

Still, while it looks like the President, by the nature of his position, cannot be found guilty of revealing classified information, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a serious problem. On its own, it’s probably not an impeachable offense. Nevertheless, Moss said, “If it is viewed as tied to alleged collusion with the Russian Government, there is a legitimate argument that could be made for it. However, this would be icing on the cake, not the substance in and of itself.”

So basically, if the Justice Department’s Russia probe already has evidence of collusion, this news could add fuel to the fire. Without such evidence, however, Moss says it’s “merely politically embarrassing for the White House (and potentially damaging to our national security).” Yes, just a national security issue. . .

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