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‘One of the Most Gentle People’: Man Claims He Had Relationship with Chris Watts, Says Alleged Killer Struggled with Sexuality


Chris Watts, the man accused of killing his wife and children struggled with his marriage and his sexuality, according to a man who claimed to have had an affair with him. Watts was arrested for the three alleged murders after he had gone on television pleading for help after his wife and kids disappeared.

The man, who did not identify himself in an interview with HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield, said he was in a relationship with Watts that began after they messaged each other on the app MeetMe in 2017. The man said Watts first identified himself on the app as straight, and later said he wasn’t comfortable being out, even though his interest in a romantic relationship became clear. He said he and Watts saw each other on and off for “about ten months,” until April or May of 2018.

The man said he had Watts had sex the first time they met in person, and that over time, the alleged murderer discussed his private life, saying he was unhappy with his marriage.  The man said that at first he didn’t know Watts was married, but he was aware of his children. He said that once he learned about Watts’ marriage, Watts told him that he and his wife Sha’nann no longer loved each other.

The man said he didn’t learn about what happened to Watts’ family until after their bodies were found. When he heard what happened, “I felt ill,” he said, adding that he said he did not try to contact Watts afterwards.

As far as suspecting that Watts could do something like this, the man said he didn’t see Watts as someone who would be violent.

“He was one of the most gentle people I’ve ever met,” the man said.

“You never really know someone,” he acknowledged. “You never really know what someone is capable of.”

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