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‘#NotDeadYet’: Above the Law Founder David Lat Says He Was Moved Out of Intensive Care for COVID-19


Above the Law founder David Lat says his fight with COVID-19 continues, but he’s got good news. He was transferred out of the intensive care unit at the hospital, he wrote in an update posted to Facebook on Saturday.

“Second, I’m doing worlds better than I was this time last time last week, when I was unconscious and intubated, having a machine breathe for me because I couldn’t do so myself,” he wrote.

Lat described his current condition as “stable but still serious.” He said he required oxygen “24/7,” needed a “nurse’s help for even the simplest tasks,” and he “only just now progressed to solid foods.” His take: He wasn’t out of the woods yet.

“A number of patients released from the hospital after seemingly successful fights with #Covid19 aka #coronavirus have been readmitted (and some of these patients have even died),” he said.

Bottom line: the situation is still serious, but sounds less dire for him than it did last weekend. His husband Zachary Baron Shemtob had said that Lat was put on a ventilator, and was in critical condition.

Lat, who is currently a managing director for legal recruiting firm Lateral Link, previously said that COVID-19 hit him hard, even though he was a “generally healthy” 44-year-old man who worked out often, did no drugs, rarely drank, and had “no health conditions other than exercise-induced asthma, which I manage with an inhaler.”

[Screengrab via NYU School of Law]

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