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Mother of Slain Jogger Sydney Sutherland Speaks Out After Defendant Allegedly Confessed to Psychologist


Quake Lewellyn

The mother of slain Arkansas woman Sydney Sutherland, 25, is speaking out after a psychologist determined that defendant Quake Lewellyn, 28, did not show signs of mental disease or defect.

“You could tell it’s kind of premeditated,” mother Maggie Sutherland told Fox Nation host Nancy Grace about the alleged murder in a Friday report. “When someone turns around and goes back, it just, to this day, gives me chills to even think what he did to my daughter because it was just a very cruel, evil thing. He just didn’t do one thing. He did everything, and it will never be out of my mind. Hurts deeply.”

Lewellyn is charged in the alleged murder and rape of Sydney Sutherland. Investigators say Lewellyn confessed to running the victim over with his truck, and raping her before attempting to hide the body. The defense asked for a mental health evaluation. This ended up benefiting the prosecution. A psychologist determined earlier this month that Lewellyn showed no signs of mental defect and disease.

Judging by the psychological report, the defendant confessed again to killing Sutherland, but the events in this alleged version of events was construed as an accident. Lewellyn, a farmer, was driving to check wells and rice fields when he saw the victim walking down the road. He claimed to have driven past her, turned around, and could not see her anymore because the road was still dusty. He allegedly suggested Sutherland might have crossed the road.

“I felt her hit my truck, so I slowed down,” he allegedly said. The defendant is not described as explaining why he turned around.

He asked if she was okay. No answer. According to the psychologist, he attributed the ensuing cover up to his concern that he would get in trouble for running her over. This does not explain another facet of his story, however. He allegedly confessed to taking off Sutherland’s clothes, and “tried messing with her a bit.” Attorneys at the interview told him not to discuss that anymore, according to the psychological report.

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