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Megyn Kelly: If Kavanaugh Lied About His Drinking and High School Yearbook it’s ‘Disqualifying’

Megyn Kelly on Monday said on her show Megyn Kelly Today that if Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath about his drinking and the meanings of certain things in his high school yearbook that would be “disqualifying.”

Kelly is alluding to Kavanaugh’s Thursday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh combatively defended himself against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s charge of sexual assault. On a number of occasions, he shot back at Democratic members of the Committee.

Some of the questioning of Kavanaugh centered on his high school and college drinking habits and meanings of things he wrote in his high school yearbook.

Kavanaugh said that he “liked beer” repeatedly, asked senators if they liked beer as well and denied the possibility that he ever drank to the point of blacking out. When pressed on the meaning of the word “boof” Kavanaugh replied that it referred to “flatulence.”

“His testimonial in the Q&A about his drinking and what these terms [mean],” Kelly began. A panelist interjects,”What does boof even mean?”

Laughter filled the room.¬†Megyn Kelly said that she looked up the meaning on the internet and found that it was something “very R-rated,” “too rated for [us] to discuss.”

“It’s unfortunate for Judge Kavanaugh if he chose to lie about those things, but if he did, it’s disqualifying,” Kelly concluded. “If he lied, he lied under oath and is indicative of character.”

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