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Man Accused of Spending Money He Raised for Homeless Veteran Arrested in Unrelated Case


Mark D’Amico, who along with his girlfriend Katelyn McClure is facing allegations of mishandling money they raised for a homeless veteran, is now facing additional legal problems. In a Facebook post, the Florence Township, New Jersey Police Department confirmed that D’Amico was arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant.

D’Amico’s warrant came after a traffic stop, where he was allegedly found to have been driving with a suspended license, failing to surrender his license while it was suspended, and driving a vehicle with a broken tail light, according to Philadelphia’s ABC6. D’Amico reportedly missed a court date for the case and was arrested in May of this year, but after he posted bail and was released, he missed another court date, resulting in a judge issuing a bench warrant.

D’Amico and McClure are also facing a criminal investigation for allegedly misusing the funds that they raised for veteran John Bobbitt. The couple had set up a GoFundMe campaign after Bobbitt, who was homeless, used the little money he had to get McClure gas when she had car trouble. They reportedly raised $400,000, but only gave Bobbitt a fraction of it. Bobbitt sued, claiming that D’Amico and McClure used the money for themselves. D’Amico has denied wrongdoing, claiming that Bobbitt spent $25,000 of the money on drugs.

As part of the police’s investigation, officers searched D’Amico and McClure’s home, seizing a BMW and other property.

GoFundMe announced that they will make sure that Bobbitt receives all of the money owed to him.

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