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Lawsuit Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate: Pedophile Needed to ‘Believe’ 14-Year-Old Victim ‘Orgasmed’


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Warning: the details of the lawsuit are graphic.

An alleged victim of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has filed a federal lawsuit against the two executors of his estate.

In the 17-page petition filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on Wednesday, the woman claims to be “Minor Victim-1” previously referenced in the SDNY’s own indictment against Epstein from July.

Now anonymized as Jane Doe, the woman says she was abused by Epstein and others for three years beginning at the age of 14–when she was struggling to help her family pay rent in New York City.

The woman’s complaint contains a bit of her own backstory.

“Jane Doe was born in 1988,” the petition notes. “For most of her life, Doe was raised by a single mother who supported Doe and her younger sister. Doe had a difficult childhood that was in many ways marked by financial strain. Doe’s sister suffered from serious medical conditions that required extensive medical care. Doe always worried about whether her family had enough money and thought about how she could help her sister then and into the future.”

The lawsuit also explains how she came to meet Epstein in 2002:

Doe was approached by a teenage girl from her neighborhood who appeared to be slightly older than Doe. The girl told Doe about an opportunity to earn money and offered to introduce her to a wealthy man. Doe would subsequently learn that this man was Epstein.

“In order to pay their monthly rent, her family rented the other bedrooms in their apartment to strangers, leaving no room for Doe,” the complaint continues. “Doe was forced to move out. She stayed with a rotating cast of friends and took odd jobs after school to try to help her family pay rent. Hoping to help her family and support herself, Doe agreed to meet Epstein.”

The woman says that she soon found herself in a mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that resembled something out of “Beauty and the Beast,” one of her favorite Disney movies. Doe alleges that she was greeted by a maid and eventually taken to a room with Epstein and the girl who recruited her.

The room had a massage table. Epstein entered the room a few minutes later and eventually disrobed. She was instructed to do the same and she complied. Before that, however, Epstein “also asked Doe her age, and she responded truthfully.”

The complaint went on to detail what happened next:

During the massage, Epstein turned over onto his back, exposing his penis to the two girls. Epstein then began to touch his penis and directed Doe to pinch his nipples. Doe followed orders and touched Epstein’s chest while he stared intensely at her and masturbated. Finally, Epstein ejaculated and then cleaned himself off with a towel.

Doe alleged that she returned to Epstein’s mansion on numerous occasions to perform massages where Epstein would masturbate. Each time, she said, she was paid three hundred dollars. But as time went by, the lawsuit alleged, “Epstein’s sexual abuse of Doe became more severe.”

“In subsequent visits, Epstein directed Doe to remove her pants, shirt, and bra so that she was massaging him while wearing only her underwear,” the complaint notes. “Later, Epstein began to touch Doe’s genitals over her underwear with a vibrator. In visits after that, he would pull Doe’s underwear to the side and touch her genitals directly with a vibrator.”

And Epstein allegedly got ever more aggressive:

Eventually, Epstein demanded that Doe be completely naked during his massages. On multiple occasions, Epstein demanded that Doe lay down on the massage table with him. Once she acquiesced, Epstein touched Doe’s genitals with his fingers, inserting his fingers inside of her vagina and causing her pain. While hurting her, Epstein pushed Doe to moan in supposed pleasure and asked her whether she was “enjoying” what he was doing. He demanded that she orgasm and would not stop touching her until he believed that she had orgasmed.

“On other occasions, Epstein also placed Doe’s hand on his penis and made her move her hand up and down his penis and fondle his testicles until he ejaculated,” the lawsuit claimed. “He moaned aggressively while forcing Doe to touch his penis and barked orders at her about how to touch him.”

On the last occasion of alleged abuse documented in the lawsuit, Epstein forced Doe and two other women–one of whom appeared to be an adult–to “touch his genitals and to touch one another’s genitals.” The plaintiff has suffered ever since “in myriad ways,” according the lawsuit.

“Epstein’s abuse of Doe has forever scarred her and altered her life,” it said. “As a result of his abuse, Doe never received a high school education. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Her severe emotional injuries manifest in myriad ways: she often finds herself crying; she is unable to form healthy emotional relationships with men; she often cannot sleep through the night or fall asleep at all; she has panic attacks; and she is constantly afraid for her young daughter.”

The named parties are Epstein’s long-serving lawyers Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn. Immediate attempts to reach Indyke and Kahn were unsuccessful.

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