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Lawmaker Equates Trump Presidency to Hitler’s Reign in Tweet


A city councilwoman from Charlotte, North Carolina made a bold statement against President Donald Trump over the weekend, comparing him to Adolf Hitler in no uncertain terms.

“For All who read about Hitler,” LaWana Mayfield tweeted, “you are Now Living how he reigned in #45,” a reference to Trump being the 45th President of the United States. A series of hashtags followed, including #DraftDodger, #ClinicalSociopath, #ASKAboutYemen, and #IdiotinChief.

Local residents took issue with the comparison, feeling it was inappropriate to liken the president to a dictator who orchestrated the murders of millions of people.

“My grandfather was in (a) concentration camp, so I feel it’s a very harsh comparison,” Ulga Mazets told WSOC.

Mayfield, a Democrat, is in her third term as Councilwoman since first being elected in 2011. She said in a statement following the tweet:

The Constitutional right of “Free Speech” is a precious and uniquely beloved gift among Americans. With this gift of free speech comes great responsibility. To some, I did not express that responsibly within the limited characters of my earlier tweet. I apologize for the brevity of my statement due to being limited to 140 characters.  Many times, we cannot fully express intent or emotion through this limited platform.

I do not want to diminish the heinous treatment and genocide that our Jewish brothers and sisters experienced at the hands of this dictator nor do I want to further create a dialogue that does not focus on the facts at hand.

She went on to say that her “anger and passion” were meant for those who make excuses for Trump, who she feels is leading the country in a “divisive direction.” Mayfield added, “While my words chosen have offended some, my intent was to bring attention to the continued crisis that we face each day while this president is leading us.”

While she did not apologize for the comparison, she did apologize for the “brevity” of the remark, blaming Twitter’s 140-character limit for her inability to fully articulate her intended message.

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