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Law&Crime Is Available on VMedia’s New Canadian Streaming Service RiverTV


Here’s a development for Canadian viewers of The Law&Crime Network. The major telecommunications and broadcasting company VMedia is launching RiverTV ( It’s a brand-new live TV and on-demand streaming platform featuring over 30 channels and thousands of hours of original programming. For you Americans, think of it as something like Sling.

For $16.99 a month before taxes, subscribers get access to stations like CHCH-TV, YTV, HISTORY®, and Smithsonian Channel Canada. Seven US live and VOD streaming channels are being bundled only on RiverTV. This just so happens to include The Law&Crime Network.

More channels are promised in the package in upcoming months, with subscribers having the option for “a la carte” channels, including Hollywood Suite, and I24News.

RiverTV is targeted at Canadians wanting to ditch traditional cable TV, or who are trying to find more affordable television options. That includes millennials and parents who have young kids. The company says that you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

“RiverTV is a terrific new choice particularly for adults aged 20-44 and families with young children, who consume video online or who watch traditional live TV,” said George Burger, co-founder of VMedia. “Underserved Canadian consumers finally have a cable-free, lower cost, live TV option, with thousands of hours of video-on-demand. VMedia is proud to be the first to develop a made-in-Canada solution.”

It’s as easily accessible as Netflix for Canadians, being available over any Internet service in that country.

“Access to live TV has never been easier,” said Alexei Tchernobrivets, CEO of VMedia. “Everyone gets a free trial, with no obligation, by signing up at Then just download the RiverTV app to any Roku®, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Edition smart TV, Apple or Android TV device, and start watching!”

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