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I am proud to report that, the web hub of the Law&Crime Network, had its largest month ever in July. While much of the public attention has been focused on the massive growth and expansion of the 24/7 Linear and OTT Law&Crime Network, the web site quietly built an audience of 3.05 million UNIQUE users in the month of July. With smart story selection, and increased recognition from other sites (referral traffic), has quickly become a trusted source for all legal stories. From The Jeffrey Epstein saga and Varsity Blues cases, to the legal fights involving President Trump and the various criminal and civil trials covered by the Law&Crime network, the site has become a must read for anyone interested in legal news.

It is also worth noting that the site is staffed by a tiny team that, as a result of this success, is about to grow exponentially. Congratulations to Law&Crime President Rachel Stockman, and to Editor Alberto Luperon who wrote many of the highest trafficked stories. But special kudos go to Managing Editor Matt Naham who has, with very few resources, figured out how to build the site into the powerhouse it has become. His leadership and strategic thinking has been critical to the website’s success.

Here is to a great August and beyond!

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