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Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Really Did Take His Own Life


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While the nature of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s death has fueled speculation regarding foul play, the office of the New York City chief medical examiner determined that Epstein did, in fact, hang himself.

This news comes from The New York Times, following reports that Epstein was removed from suicide watch just weeks after attempting to end his own life and that his prison guards allegedly falsified check-in logs and slept on the job. Epstein was reportedly found in his cell at around 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 10 with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck. On the morning of his death, there were reportedly shrieks coming from his cell and prison guards attempted to revive him.

The medical examiner was waiting on toxicology results and other reports from federal investigators before announcing their thoughts on Epstein’s cause of death.

Weeks prior to his death, Epstein was found on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck in what was called an apparent suicide attempt. After this point, he was taken to a private cell and was forced to see a psychiatrist. Epstein was then taken off suicide watch, reportedly after his attorneys asked.

That said, the investigations regarding Epstein are far from over. Attorney General William Barr has vowed to “get to the bottom of what happened” and claimed that there were “serious irregularities” at the Metropolitan Correctional Center and that he was “appalled” at the prison’s “failure to adequately secure this prisoner.”

Furthermore, with Epstein now dead, the lawsuits and allegations against him have been shifted towards his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, and his other alleged accomplices. A lawsuit recently filed lawsuit claims Maxwell and a recruiter helped Epstein prey on a then-teenage girl.

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