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Jacob Wohl Allegedly Punched in the Head at Black Lives Matter Protest in Washington, D.C.


Conservative activist Jacob Wohl appears to have been punched in the head or face during an attempt to counterprotest — or, in some eyes, to infiltrate and agitate — amidst a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Video and still images of the incident began circulating on social media late Friday night.

“After infiltrating and agitating a BLM in DC, Jacob Wohl got punched in the head,” one post reads.

Pressed about the veracity of the original image, the original poster supplied a ‘wanted’ poster purportedly mocked up by Wohl himself:

Wohl later confirmed that he did, in fact, post the above image on both his Instagram and Telegram account.

Many users made light of the altercation:

Wohl’s father, David Wohl, shared an extended video of the incident from his son’s YouTube account under the title: “Jacob Wohl Takes On BLM Mob at the White House (GRAPHIC).”

“Wow, Jacob has gotten huge!” lauded attorney and former NBC News legal analyst Ronald Richards. “Good for him and his work out plan. That was incredible footage.”

In the moment leading up to the fracas, the younger Wohl and his partner Jack Burkman can be seen using megaphones to tell racial justice protesters that it is “time to go home” because the “protest is over for the night.”

The duo go on to mention that it is time for “law and order” because it is time to “let President Trump do his speech.”

“It’s very disrespectful to be out here,” they say. “It’s time to go home. Everyone needs to go home.”

Eventually the protesters attempt to drown out the megaphones with sustained chants of “Black Lives Matter!”

Burkman and Wohl reply: “All lives matter,” a phrase which is generally deemed dismissive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The scene grows hectic near the end of the video. One man and then another appear to block Wohl’s path on a street. Wohl appears to try and shove past them. Then a hand or fist appears to make contact with the side of Wohl’s head. The whole thing happens in a matter of seconds.

According to Wohl, one of the people involved was arrested.

“I am incredibly pleased to see the swift response of the DC Metro Police Department in arresting one of the suspects while working to apprehend the other,” Wohl told Law&Crime. “Thanks to Clearview AI facial recognition technology, I expect that he will be identified within 24 hours.”

He also dubiously described Black Lives Matter as a “terrorist organization.”

Wohl has been linked to numerous alleged fraud and scam incidents in the past–including a botched effort to smear former special counsel Robert Mueller with a sex scandal. He has previously been described as a “blundering conservative operative,” a “right-wing provocateur,” a “conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and internet troll,” and as a Florida native who is “simply unparalleled in the field of failed smear attempts.”

Last week, Wohl and Burkman were implicated in a robocall targeting Detroit voters with misinformation about voting by mail during the 2020 general election.

The phone call, which contains erroneous information claiming that mail-in voters will subject themselves to a massive police information and surveillance database, identifies Burkman and Wohl as the sponsors of the call. Both have denied any relationship to the robocall.

[image via screengrab/YouTube]

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