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Ivanka Trump Attempts to Defend Her Father Against Impeachment, Doesn’t Go Over Well


While the House of Representatives was doing its thing, Ivanka Trump went to bat for her father, President Donald Trump. In a Thursday tweet, the First Daughter quoted some Thomas Jefferson in an attempt to suggest that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

“‘…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them’ – Thomas Jefferson’s reflections on Washington, D.C. in a letter to his daughter Martha,” Ivanka Trump wrote. “Some things never change, dad!”

Thomas Jefferson is now trending on Twitter, and not for reasons favorable to Ivanka Trump.

Some critics immediately responded with a pointed Jefferson quote of their own:

“The public will never be made to believe that an appointment of a relative is made on the ground of merit… nor can they ever see w/ approbation offices, the disposal of which they entrust to their Presidents for public purposes, divided out as family property”—Thomas Jefferson

And George Mason, for good measure:

“Shall any man be above Justice?…Shall the man who has practised corruption & by that means procured his appointment in the first instance be suffered to escape punishment by repeating his guilt?”—George Mason on impeachment, 1787. Some things never change!

But the Jefferson quote on nepotism appears to have ruled the day.

Trump nemesis George Conway introduced Ivanka Trump to her father.

Even Evan McMullin made a cameo.

Others went there.

Some were merely relieved that “nothing happened” to Thomas Jefferson.

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