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In Rare Move, American Bar Association Says Trump Immigration Orders Jeopardize Justice


The American Bar Association, an organization of attorneys that is not known for its political statements, weighed in on the Trump administration’s recent executive orders dealing with immigration. Turns out, they’re not exactly fans.

In a statement obtained by¬† the ABA said they are “concerned by significant portions of the immigration-related executive orders issued on January 25 and 27, 2017, regarding border security, immigration enforcement and terrorism,” and that the orders “jeopardize fundamental principles of justice, due process and the rule of law.”

Much of the criticism was leveled at the January 25 order dealing with new detention centers along the Mexican border and expedited deportation processes. The ABA said the order raises constitutional issues, because it allows for deportation without a hearing before an immigration judge. “[R]emoval decisions should be made only by impartial adjudicators, preferably immigration judges, following a formal hearing that conforms with accepted norms of due process,” they said, adding, “we owe due process to all, including those who face deportation.”

The ABA also had harsh words for the controversial order against refugees and immigration that was issued on January 27. In addition to saying the order itself raises “several constitutional issues,” they said the way it was done caused “panic” and “chaos.” They commended attorneys who have assisted detained immigrants at airports around the country.

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